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Aduke x Skillshare

Super excited that my bespoke Skillshare class is now live!

Create a more positive workplace for everyone on your team with diversity & inclusion specialist, Aduke Onawfowokan!

As the world continues to become more diverse, so does the workplace. The better prepared we are to embrace this diversity, the more positive our experiences will be. Join Aduke as she walks us through ways to adopt cultural competence and practical advice for implementing them in the workplace.

Alongside Aduke, you will:

Gain a greater understanding of cultural competence

Avoid the common pitfalls of adopting cultural competence

Learn how to develop cultural competence

Reflect on yourself in order to understand what cultural competence means to you

Whether you’re interested in developing cultural competence for your team or personal life, this class will help you to build more meaningful relationships with people different from you, in and out of the workplace.

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