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Aduke Onafowokan

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About Aduke

An expert in leadership and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), Aduke is highly skilled at designing, implementing, and evaluating impactful leadership and EDI initiatives. Her expertise includes EDI strategy formulation, research, evaluation, learning, education, and executive leadership coaching.

Recent EDI Initiatives:

- Cultivating diversity and inclusion within cancer research
- Enhancing inclusive practices in funding and grant allocation
- Advocating for diversity and inclusion within climate change research
- Eradicating health disparities and inequities within health systems
- Amplifying organisational inclusive cultures

Transitioning from a career in Law and consulting with global powerhouses such as Deloitte and British American, Aduke inaugurated inclusivitii to bridge the gap between ambitions and tangible leadership and inclusion impact.

Aduke blends academic inquisitiveness, personal experiences, evidence-driven methodologies, and a wealth of experience in change management, demonstrating a consistent ability to initiate, shape, and enhance measurable DEI alterations across various industries.

Her unparalleled skill in ensuring psychological safety while exploring complex and nuanced themes has become her signature offering in the DEI industry.

A Lifelong Scholar - Aduke has delved into critical leadership, diversity, and inclusion theories at esteemed institutions such as the Yale School of Management, INSEAD, and The University of Oxford.

Public Speaking: Aduke has delivered two TEDx Talks and has been a keynote speaker at global gatherings, including Brandminds Romania, Sustainable Brands Turkey, Amazon, Facebook, Montagu Private Equity, and Payconiq Netherlands.

Extensive Industry Work: Encompassing the corporate, civil service, and nonprofit sectors, Aduke has addressed specialised EDI challenges in areas like law enforcement, immigration, refugee rights, funding, healthcare, social care, cancer research, and more, shaping inclusive corporate cultures in organisations including UN Refugee Agency, Amazon, NHS Confederation, University of Oxford etc.

Social Entrepreneurship: Aduke is also an award-winning social entrepreneur, founded The Sister Sister Network, impacting over 10,000 women across the UK by offering complimentary leadership development training and sponsorship opportunities.

Board Involvements: Her leadership transcends into boardroom contributions, serving as a trustee at Smartworks Reading and Oxford Brookes Union and holding the position of Vice-Chair at the Institute of Directors in Oxford.

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If you want to really bring these issues to life and get your organisation to start to think differently, Aduke is the person to help you to do that, in a safe and engaging way".

Helen Clear
Head of Global Communication, Infineum

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