Founded by Aduke in 2019

Inclusivitii is a full-service leadership, diversity, and inclusion consultancy based in Oxford, UK with a global client reach, working with organisations at various stages of their diversity and inclusion journeys to foster productive, inclusive, and thriving workforces.

Through our education, coaching, and consulting functions, we combine research-led and evidence-based diversity, and inclusion strategies with change management principles to produce real, tangible, and scalable progress in fostering inclusive culture, diversity, and representation. All of which are proven to drive business growth, innovation, talent attraction, and social responsibility.

Our work spans learning workshops such as developing an inclusive mindset, managing bias, inclusive recruitment and inclusive talent management as well as diversity and inclusion consulting including tailored quantitative and qualitative audits and assessments to help you focus your D and I thinking and interventions on the areas requiring attention within your organisation.

We are here to help, we treat each of our clients with a unique focus and support designed to help make great workplaces even better! 

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