International Speaker, Diversity and Intersectionality Expert and Non- Exec Director.

Simplifying Diversity and Accelerating Inclusion.

Aduke Onafowokan is the Founder of The Sister Sister Global Network and Lead Associate, Inclusivitii.


An international leadership and inclusion coach, Aduke travels the world, speaking to audiences about developing a learning mindset on effective leadership practice, inclusion, equity, race, gender, and other aspects of diversity and intersectionality (when multiple aspects of identity overlap).

With a clear focus on recruiting, developing, and retaining diverse talent, as well as extensive experience in global organisations and expertise from Yale and University of Oxford, Aduke helps organisations to understand and manage the complex challenges of diversity and unlock opportunities to create inclusive and equitable organisations. 


Through her social enterprise The Sister Sister Global Network, Aduke supports thousands of women to access leadership and personal development and connect with leaders through networking opportunities. The Network runs in partnership with organisations including The UN Foundation Girl Up, University of Oxford, NatWest, UK Parliament and UNICEF on Campus to empower women and future female leaders at work and in business.


Featured in international media such as BBC and Medium, Aduke’s second TEDx Talk – Inclusion in an Era of Polarisation offers leaders salient points on redefining leadership and responding to the moment. 

Through her body of work and in her personal life, she continues to contribute to the advancement of women, leadership, and diversity. 

  • The Sister Sister Network, is a social-enterprise free career and business accelerator workshops to women and the opportunity to gain the insight, education, empowerment, inspiration, and networks required to achieve their personal goals and become leaders in their chosen fields. 

  • Inclusivitii helps organisations embed diversity, inclusion and belonging to promote talent engagement, increase productivity, promote retention and gain a competitive edge. Our job is to help synergise diverse workplaces.

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